Dark's Leather in East Tennessee features exotic wallets and accessories all made in the USA

Fueled by a love for all things American-made and hand-crafted

Whether it's luxurious tanned bison, exotic alligator or ostrich, the American-sourced materials found within our workshop are the best-of-the-best.

"We search for the highest quality materials we can find, then we meticulously craft each wallet by hand to create an accessory that is both elegant and functional. We take pride in each American-Made item we construct.

The downfall of most wallets made today, even the nice ones, is the fabric they put in the credit card pockets, behind the card pocket assemblies, currency divider, and cover lining. While this saves quite a bit of money on the more expensive leather, I feel it makes a substandard product. The reason the fabric linings tear out first isn't because the fabric is that much weaker than the leather, but because during normal use the wallet has rigid cards inserted then placed in the back pocket. As you bear weight on the wallet, the leather tends to twist and the pressure of the credit cards pull against the pocket linings. The leather has some give to act as a shock absorber, but the fabric doesn't, so it tends to pull loose at the stitch line and results in wallet failure. While no wallet can be made bullet-proof, an all leather wallet can withstand a more human lifestyle."

-Larry Dark

Larry's process has been refined over 35 years of experience using many traditional tanning methods and machinery. The tools on his workbench show the marks of a man who knows what works to create a leather accessory built to last a lifetime, or a few lifetimes, as many of these pieces become family heirlooms.