Custom Orders - Send us your tanned leather for unique accessories

Whether you hunt alligators in the south or other wildlife while on safari, we can convert them to pocket-sized trophies for practical everyday use as a wallet, belt, bag or other leather accessory.

Alligator Wallet Collection

Before we can begin, Alligator skins must be professionally tanned.

For custom tanning, we recommend the following partners:
 American Tanning & Leather
Sebring Custom Tanning

How to order custom leather goods: 

  • Pick a few styles from our selection of designs
  • Make your list in order of priority
  • Roll your skin from the nose to the tail
  • Place inside a plastic bag (to protect it from water damage while shipping)
  • Include your list of priorities and contact information inside the bag
  • Ship everything in a box to our workshop:
Dark’s Designs in Leather
Attn: Larry Dark
1209 Gray Station - Sulphur Springs Rd
Jonesborough, TN 37659


We will call you and confirm when we receive the skin. We will also discuss your ideas and product selections in order of priority.

After we cut the skin, if there are any extra pieces our team will call you to find out if you want additional products or if you want us to return the unused leather.

Contact us about your unique leather project.